Mission Statement

Wisconsin Public Radio is a civic and cultural resource which exists to enlighten and enrich the quality of life for the people within its listening area.

WPR reflects the values and resources of the University and the State of Wisconsin, and embraces the “Wisconsin Idea”, helping to extend the borders of the University to the State and beyond, and providing significant programming by, for and about the people of Wisconsin.

WPR’s Mission is to realize the Wisconsin Idea by producing, acquiring and delivering high quality audio programming that serves the public’s need to discuss ideas and opinions, and that provides cultural enrichment, intellectual stimulation, and intelligent, enlightening entertainment.

WPR is a partnership of the Educational Communications Board and the University of Wisconsin, and we will build on the strength of this partnership to maintain and expand where possible a high quality dual service broadcast signal throughout the state (The Ideas Network and the NPR News and Classical Music Network), while at the same time exploring and developing new platforms to deliver our content to listeners.  We will help to curate the Wisconsin Idea by serving as an accessible repository for content that we create or make available through collaborations and partnerships with other cultural and community institutions around the state.  We will maintain a strong presence in the state by strengthening our system of Regional Bureaus to provide outreach, community involvement, and local/statewide program content.  We will serve as a forum for discussion and exchange of ideas and opinions on the topic of the day.  We will focus on programming in the areas where we are uniquely strong, utilizing the intellectual and cultural resources of the University and the State of Wisconsin, with a special emphasis on Wisconsin-related content.

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  1. Julia Helland

    I appreciate the Spectrum Show and West Side Show. What many us don’t like is that they are aired at 10am Thursday and Monday during one of the most important and popular shows On Point Npr. It would be really nice if you could move these programs to another spot. Maybe during Central Time which airs a repeat everyday. Especially Spectrum which is a lot of previous taped content and can be heard on other wpr stations and is repeated, maybe even a time on the weekend for Al Ross would be better for all of us to no what the entertainment will be for the next weekend and give us a chance to get tickets a week ahead instead a few days. Come on guys give us a break, so we can hear all the On Point shows. After all we are paying a lot for that programing and is not accessible to a lot of us who don’t have good access to the podcast or internet. Please make the change. Thanks!

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